Saturday, May 10, 2008

Contempating summer knitting (heavy yarn porn content)

Today was for resting. E was goofy off all day with reading and other man laying about activities, so I relaxed by sorting through my yarn. After all, Summer of Socks is around the corner, and I want to be prepared. I mean it would be a shame to cast stuff on and then waste time because I didn't have every pair of socks well planned.

So this afternoon I pulled out my sock yarn collection. I'm sorry to say that it's pretty meager. Only enough for 13 pairs, including a skein of my Cherry Blossom yarn. Some of this yarn I don't even live very much, and it will be a cold low stash day when I knit it. Like that plain old gray stuff in the middle and the crazy blue sparkly stuff in the top center. (I got those free anyway.) What's here are four skeins of STR in various iterations, one skein of Froebe Fibers, the strange blue stuff, a skein of Jitterbug, four skeins of Panda Cotton, two skeins of Regia Bamboo, some orange Fixation, boring gray yarn, My Precious, and a skein of my stuff.

So I laid all this stuff out and thought. I even tried to get advice from Elijah about what to do.

Here's what's up.

The first pair I'll knit will be a plain stockinette pair out of this. I think I should have a display pair to show off the fine dye job.

Aw, isn't that cute. His and her Panda Cottons. I think this calls for plain stockinette socks. One pair for me and one for E. Quite disgusting and newlywed-ish, isn't it? The black is for him. He can wear plain black socks with his uniform.

I have to say that I love the Jitterbug yarn. It's beautifully dyed and very tightly spun. The only problem with it that I can see is that the skein are very short. So it's footies for this yarn.
And lastly for the yarns I have is the Regia Bamboo that I bought on one of SnB's trips to The Fold. This is a nice summer sock yarn. It's been marinating for about a year, so it's ready to meet its destiny as some semi-fancy sock.So, you may be asking, what up with this? No STR or Koigu is present in the line up. I know, I know. It's sad and inexplicable. Perhaps I'm saving them to savor when I'm not knitting like a maniac.
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