Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What I want

I'm going to whine now.

I want to hide in my house for a few days and knit. Actually, I want to hide on the beach and knit. That's all. To knit and pretend there's nothing else going on. I really need a vacation, and my scheduled one cannot come soon enough.

I'm reflecting this morning on the last six months. Wow. I've been stressed out, and I know that it's been a combination of my job, my health, and the confluence of the two. Fortunately, today is my last day at the Village. I am supposed to start two months of consulting at a locally based gigantic corporate entity tomorrow. Too bad I can't take some time off. I have a list of complaints right now, like that there will be a pause in my health care because of the transition, that the project manager at the new job has not told me where to meet him tomorrow, that I am tired from my weekend with E, and that I have a paper due on Thursday. The good news is that this shitty job is done, that the new one will be lower stress and allow me to work only 4 days a week, and that I'm not as sick as I thought. I'll get better soon.

One more day. Just one more day. I can do this.

Monday, July 30, 2007

My own...my love...my own...my precious

It's purple. It's Kooooiiiiiguuuuu. It's.....

Knitting my way to DC

Once again, I've safely returned from a weekend with the Amazing E. Sigh. It was a nice weekend.

I left for DC from the very important government job at about 3pm. I was supposed to take a 9pm flight to Baltimore, but I thought I'd try for an earlier standby seat. Everything looked to be running on time. Oy. I should have just had dinner with Marcy.

I got to the airport, and didn't know just what I was supposed to be doing to get on the standby list. So I stood in a line for 30 minutes until an agent told me to go to the other line. In the mean time, flights are taking off. Flights I could be on. So I got in the other (non-moving) line for 45 minutes. Eventually, after we all started bitching to each other about the lack of progress, another passenger who flies for business all the time told me just to leave the line and go to the gates to arrange the standby. So I got in the security line. For 30 minutes. And I was in a panic over the fact that my 2 ounce face cream (from Lush) was in a one gallon bag. Fortunately, the agents were in a rush to see us through the line and ignored my breach of protocol.

At long last, I got to the gates and discovered that a stationary thunderstorm was sitting and dumping water on the DC area. So all flights were delayed. My 9:00 pm flight would leave around 11:45. I did get myself on some standby lists for earlier flights to Baltimore, but they would not put me on a flight to Reagan or Dulles without some huge increase in price, even if seats were available on those planes. So I sat. And knitted. And watched the hours go by. Finally around 9pm I ran up to the boarding queue of a flight to Reagan, presented by boarding pass for the pitifully delayed Baltimore flight, made sad eyes, and asked if a seat was available. Success! There was one more seat, and it was mine. The seat was well earned, and I got to sit in it for a long time. The plane took another 30 minutes to get moving. During my seven hours of waiting at O'Hare, I managed to get the second Panda Cotton sock down down to the heel flap. Yay for that.

I have to tell you something about E. He seriously spent a lot of energy trying to convince me to move out there. He worked so hard at it. Do you know what he did? He found a yarn store and took me there. And it wasn't just any yarn store. This yarn store had my precious. Yesssss. I bought 2 hanks. I'll show you later if I can get the camera to work. The best part of my purchase of the precious was that E told the proprietress that I call the Koigu the precious, and she slyly replied "...it is preciousss." She knows.

I also got a skein of Trekking ProNatura in a nice colorway dominated by green. I've had my eye on this yarn for some time. It's 75% superwash wool and 25% bamboo fiber. E picked the color. The point of this trip was to show me that things that I like exist in DC. Now he should find me a SnB group with nice ladies.

Yesterday we went to the Shenandoah National Park for a scenic drive and some hiking along a short stretch of the Appalachian Trail. It was very nice. I got in early this morning and came straight to work. Not that I have too much to do here. Tomorrow is my last day.

E asked me something this weekend. He asked me to move to DC and live with him. I told him I would not. Sorry. None of this is to say that there is anything wrong with our relationship. I just won't live with a man I'm not married to. But I do know for sure now that he's serious. So am I. And at least I know that my precious lives in DC as well.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Hah! Double hah! Guess what? Really, guess...

I am no longer a very important government employee. I handed in my resignation yesterday. My last day is supposed to be Tuesday, July 31. I may not even stay that long, depending on certain things that happen today. I will be returning to consulting on Wednesday after receiving another offer. The stress level became unbearable in the last couple of months, and I can't do it anymore. Check out the "sneak attack" in the Chicago news today if you'd like an idea of why.

And guess what else? I'm leaving for a weekend with the Amazing E tonight.

One more guess. Try. C'mon. OK. Well, I finished the first of the Panda Cotton socks. I wish I could post a picture.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Up yours!

Well, the tests are done. I had a colonoscopy, the ultimate medical "up yours" today. I'm sure you heard all about the President's recent one, so I can spare you the details of what this test is. I can't tell you, it ain't fun. But there are preliminary results to report: good and bad.

First the good news. I had been receiving treatment from my regular physician based on the presumption that I have ulcerative colitis. This is a nasty and insidious illness that causes digestive ulcers and usually results in the removal of various parts of the anatomy. I have had an incident of it in the past, but it was fairly mild and put into remission with treatment. (G-d willing it will stay that way) Understandably, when I started showing symptoms of ulcers again, this illness was presumed to be the problem. However, after today's test, the doctor believes that I have a more acute problem, possibly an infection and/or stress, that is causing inflammation and ulcerations in my stomach and some other places. This is a good thing. It can be cured outright and I should have a full recovery.

The bad news is that the test resulted in some complications. I started bleeding pretty badly after the procedure and it caused some excitement in the hospital. Fortunately, it's stopped now and I'm home to rest. I will remain here for another day or two to rest.

I would like to send another Up Yours! tonight to HP. I have a camera from them that is used almost exclusively to bring you yarn pr0n. Does HP have some political agenda against all types of pr0n? Because that bastard keeps acting up. Now it won't charge. So I can't take pictures. If I could, you'd see a nearly done sock where there used to be an arsed up tangle of Panda Cotton yarn.

Monday, July 23, 2007

More diversions

Well, I'm here in my office. There's not a lot of pressing work to do, and I'm nervous about tomorrow's festivities. I won't go into a detailed report on the events, as Katie Couric already did it on national tv. Suffice it to say, the test itself is not fun but the preparations tonight might be worse. I just hope that they give me enough drugs tomorrow. That's what I'm nervous about. Not enough drugs.

So I'm occupying myself with thoughts of my upcoming vacation with The Amazing E. This weekend we booked our flights to the Big Island of Hawaii on my frequent flyer account. The two of us will spend seven days there in September. I've been there twice, but E as never been. So I'm letting him pick most of the activities. I think he's very excited. E was up half of Saturday night reading the guidebook. He's so cute.

Hawaii is possibly my favorite place in the world. I like it even better than Jerusalem. I mean, it has great weather, good diving, and a drive-in volcano. On my previous two trips, I concentrated on diving and volcano hiking. I wonder what E will have in store for me on this trip?

Sunday, July 22, 2007


This weekend has been filled with pleasant diversions.

Friday was great. First of all, I didn't' have to work. (Yay!) The very important government office has not been a fun place lately. We've seen a rash of resignations, terminations, and general poor behavior there lately, culminating in the announcement of a major reorganization on Thursday. So I was glad to not be there. Instead, I picked up The Amazing E from Midway Airport at the crack arse of dawn that morning. I believe that E's goal for this visit was to see me eat and rest as much as possible, and these were our priority.

Miss Luka, La Petite Tricoteuse, and the Captain joined us for Shabbat dinner at my place Friday night. I don't know about them, but E and I had a great time, even with Duncan's antics. The poor kitty. He just wanted love and Turkish Delight. Don't worry, he didn't get any candy.In knitting news, the tangle of Panda Cotton is once again on the road to sockdom. After much hemming and hawing, I have settled on (drum roll, please...) plain stockinette. And it's going quickly.

I'll need some diversions tomorrow. Tomorrow is hospital. Blech. I only have to be there for a couple of hours. It's for tests. But they're nasty and I'll be laid up for at least a day afterward. You see, I have a new doctor and he wants to run diagnostic tests himself to confirm my original Insidious diagnosis. After that, I may actually start to get some aggressive treatment.

My primary diversion for tomorrow is likely to be a book. You know what book. Yes, I bought HP7. It came via UPS to my door on Saturday morning, and I'm about 140 pages into it.

BTW, when are we allowed to start talking about this book? I mean, most people I know have finished it. What amount of elapsed time is polite? A week?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Musings on a love affair gone wrong

I've cast on the Panda Cotton again and again, but I've produced exactly fuckall. Well, actually, I've produced a tangled ball of yarn. Don't get me wrong. I love the yarn. I love it so much that I am putting a great deal of pressure on myself to make something really good out of it. First it was the Snicket Sock, which I got half way through when I got sick of it's foolishness and pulled the lot out. That pattern should roast in hell for eternity. Then I cast on a diamond lace number because I think that a subtle geometric patter would be best for this yarn. However, I got a couple inches done and pulled it out. Too big and weird. So not it's cast on again, and an inch of ribbing is done for the cuff. But I don't know what I'll do now. Patterns don't really show up well with this yarn. It's very colored. Do I do just a stockinette sock (G-d forbid!)? I could do it that way, and I'd have new socks to prance around in in no time at all. But not something fancy. Sigh. Decisions, Decisions.

I'm thinking that I rushed into this relationship. (And no, this post is not a cryptic message about my other blooming love affair). I was once in love with a skein of STR in the Heartstone colorway that was purchased by the SNBWB gals on our GREAT SNB TRIP TO THE FOLD. When they presented it to me, I promised to love it and hug it and make up a pattern just for it in honor of the group. But it got bumped in favor of my infatuation with this bamboo sweetie. Perhaps I should put the Panda Cotton away and refocus on the STR and the Entrelac socks.

Now, for juicy news about my other love affair. Yes, I am seeing the Amazing E this weekend. And yes, I am seeing him next weekend! And finally, yes, I am booking the trip to Hawaii with E this weekend while he is in town. Please contact Tzurriz to place your wagers.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I couldn't stop myself

My Stash Building Fund has been drastically reduced lately, as it pulls from the same pot of money as the Visiting E Fund. Therefore, I haven't bought new yarn in at least a month. Until yesterday. I was inspired by Wendy's newly finished creation, and purchased yarn from SockPixie in the Peach Melba colorway yesterday. I can't wait until it arrives.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I officially stink

I can't believe it's been four days since I posted last. Time seems to be slipping away from me lately.

I just got home from work. Yes, it is Sunday. The John Kurtz 5K was today, and it went off well. With only 3 weeks to plan, we attracted 150 runners, including two men who competed against each other in the 1996 Olympics. It was very exciting. That's a good one for my resume. But I'm home and I stink. It was warm out there.

Fortunately, working my ass off today means that I will not have to work on Friday. And guess what? The Amazing E is arriving early that morning! We'll have three days together. I'm so glad he's coming in.

But for what you've come here for. I knitted these booties yesterday for my neighbor's new baby. Sabastian was born on July 3. Congratulations, Arthur and Barbara.
These were knitted according to the pattern in Last Minute Knitted gifts on size 1's using some left over STR on the Jewel of the Nile colorway.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I did it.

I signed up for Ravelry. I've actually hidden this for you for several days, but since the cool kids are all signing up, I had to fess up. So when I get the invite, I'll be able to obsess over organizing my wee stash.

Do you know what I did at work today? I get dressed up in a reflective vest and went a-walking around the town where I work with a road measuring wheel to mark off for the upcoming 5K. They call me "grant writer."

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Love the yarn, hated the socks. I pulled out my work on the Panda Cotton Snicket Sock. It sucked. That pattern is a pain in the arse for the size small. The way the pattern is written, you have to switch the number of stitches on each needle every few rounds. Yesterday I cast on the beginning of a diamond lace pattern from the same yarn, but an inch into the knitting I realized that that sock was arsed up as well. Too big. So it's all been ripped out again. The poor yarn has really taken a beating. I'll give it a bath and croon lullabies to it tonight to try to restore it to happiness.

Insidious is still being a pain in my arse, but less so than before. I believe the weight loss has ended for now, and I am able to eat tasteless foods. B"H. I am eating fine things such as rice, toast, and chicken soup with rice or toast. However, this diet lacks the necessary calories to fuel my body. Amazing E (being the amazing guy he is) turned me on to non-dairy protein shakes to make up the difference. This is the sort of thing that body builders drink to get ripped...I'm sure I'll get huge...and they've been working. While still ill, I have more energy.

In fact, I am drinking one now. I just got off the phone with E, and during our conversation he asked me what I'd eaten today. Sometimes he asks. Did you know he's really a Jewish mother? He added up the calories he thought I ate today and declared it not nearly enough, demanding that I have one of these shakes before bed. I'd not had one today because I ran out of soymilk to mix the vanilla flavored powder with. So I mixed it with water instead. Heh. I can't say it tastes bad, but it's blue.

If I'm a Smurf tomorrow, E, it's your fault.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Well, I was all puffed up with pride over having finished the front of my Oriel Lace Blouse, and decided to cast on the two sleeves. And then I read the pattern.


That crazy pattern calls for a zillion needle changes! It starts with a size 8 cast on, 17 rows of size 7, 16 rows of size 6, 14 rows of size 5, and finally 8 rows with size 3! It's a good thing I'll be using interchangeable needles, but that's just nuts.

I guess I'll cast them on anyway.

Look here (I hope)

Well, well, well. I actually got photos uploaded. IE is objecting strenuously, but the force of my will has prevailed.

Here we have the front of the Oriel Lace Blouse. I finished it and am blocking it today. It's lovely. I am honored that people are asking my advice about this pattern. After doing a Google search, I'm not finding too many people who have gotten very far on this project yet. It's very pretty, but it is intimidating. Not because the the pattern is horribly difficult, because it's not once you figure it out. It's just that the way it's written leaves a lot to figure out.

These are the Camo Snicket Socks. The cable shows up nicer in person.
And these are long overdue Jaywalkers!
I'm very tired today. I had two pretty good days, and now I'm shot again. Right now I'm trying to find the energy to go Miss Luka's party. Blah. This is frustrating.

Friday, July 06, 2007

What is it, really?

I mean, a knit blog with no pictures? I guess the results are self evident here. Perhaps the problem not blogger after all. I seem to be having an error every time I try to close a browser window, and it is the problem that is leading to a lack of photos. I've run the virus scans, and nothing comes up.

With Jaywalkers done, I have started my next (non-Entrelac) sock project. The Entrelac socks are going to be a very long term thing, as I really can only deal with them for short periods. I don't want them to end in jail just because they frustrate me. They are innocent knits that should not unfairly incur my wrath. This next project is a Snicket Sock made of Panda Cotton in Fall Herbs on size 1 DPN's. It's a bit of a to-do for a variegated yarn, but somehow I can't bring myself to make a plain stockinette sock. The fabric is lovely, soft, and firm. A plain stockinette would work up very quickly in this yarn, but I've spent two days getting the ribbing and one repeat of the 20 row chart done, being not-so-quick in the cable needle. I sort of wish Wendy would hurry up and publish the pattern for S(p)ocks. I'd rip out my progress now and do those, but won't if I get to far with the Snicket this weekend.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Feeling (almost) human

Here I am, sitting at my very stupid important government job bored and uninspired to do anything above and beyond. Huge sidewalk grant went in last Friday. Next one not due for some time. The government powers that be have recruited me to plan a 5K which will take place next weekend. In fact, you can sign up here. It's only $10, and you get a free shirt. I think a group of jogging knitters would make a fine spectacle.

Getting back to it, I am bored at work. I have no big grant to work on right now, and I am able to think about something other than my guts for the first time in at least three weeks. So just a minute ago a horrifying thought occurred to me. Considering that I've been living with the situation that the thought was about for three years, I am surprised that it hasn't occurred to me before. This is the thought:

My household consists of me, Duncan (on the left), and Scott TC (on the right).
Duncan is named after Duncan Idaho. You get special points if you know who that is. Scott TC is named after toilet paper. For real. My first inclination when I met him was to name him Nimoy, as he closely resembles a Jewish Vulcan. However, when he got to my home he revealed his favorite hobby to me. That being taking bites out to rolls of toilet paper and spitting them into a pile on the floor until his mouth gets to dry or the paper supply is exhausted.
Back to my terrible thought. I am outnumbered by my cats. It's two against one. Dun dun dun.


Ha ha!

Thanks to my last post:

Free Online Dating

I knew I could do it!

Yet another disappointment

You know, I was just recovering from the identity crisis brought on by finding out I was dishcloth cotton. And now, thanks to Miss Luka, I am doubting myself again. This is why:

Online Dating

Apparently, my use of the words "breast" and "shits" are the reasons for the PG rating. However, I would have thought I'd get at least a PG-13 rating or higher. There has, of course, been all kinds of yarn porn and yarn-otica on this blog, and I know I've dropped F-bombs in here somewhere. Specifically, I recall the use of "fuckall" and "fucker" in a post about Chicago traffic. Perhaps the rating computer forgave me because it's smart enough to know that any oath taken while describing Chicago traffic is forgivable.

I shall have to try harder.

Knit knit knit

So I've been home a lot lately. It's helped. After a weekend of doing almost nothing plus a couple days off from work this week, I actually had the energy and stomach constitution to go to the 4th of July festivities hosted by the Froebe Fibers ladies last night. Now I am tired again, and I'm leaving for work in a few minutes.

I say I've done almost nothing because my days have included alternately sleeping, laying about, and knitting. Perhaps Blogger will let me put pictures up now...

Well, it looks like the blogging gods smiled on me a little. I was able to upload this one photo, but I really wanted to show you more.

This is the front of the Oriel Lace Blouse. Nice, huh? In other knitting news, I FINALLY FINISHED JAYWALKERS! Really. After actually finishing a pair of socks made from the Tofutsies yarn, my opinion about it has changed a bit. First of all, it makes comfortable socks. I wore them yesterday. However, the yarn sucks to work with. For one, it stinks. Literally. Secondly, one of the plies is really thin and was broken in many places. Also, I found no less than three knots during the course of knitting one sock. Consequently, there are many weaved in ends in my socks. Not nice. I hope that their quality control improves, because this could be very nice sock yarn. But it was a pain to knit with.