Thursday, March 22, 2007

Totally uninspired

I feel totally uninspired to write anything today. And I'm bored. Just bored.

Boredom is a terrible feeling. It's such a waste of time that it's a sin. I've been trying very hard to not waste time and to be aware of the passage of my life. To be greatful of every moment that the Creator of the Universe has granted me. To make even restful time productive, even if all that it produces is just revitalization. Blah, blah, blah. (I've been reading a lot of Rabbi Pliskin's stuff)

So now I'm sitting here bored to death, dreaming of being able to go home where I can run in the woods and knit socks. Oh. Running and sock knitting. Bliss and Nirvana. I wonder if I can combine the two activities in a way that will not result in my death? I'm very accident prone in my running, and tend to break my body parts on a regular basis. I have a vision of being found dead on the trail with a size 1 DPN to the heart and a skinned knee. At least I would have died happy and productive, blessing the Creator with my industry.

To change the subject, I have to complain about my very important government job. I can't really complain about it in a specific way because, well, they might find this and read it. Anyway. Do you know what I hate? While I'm sure that you could go through the archive for this blog and come out with a list of my mishegas, I will tell you here and save you the trouble. Today I hate when I'm asked to do something for work and not actually given the authority to execute said very important government task. I am sitting here and bored because I'm waiting for the authorization to do my job in a specific case.

I wonder if I could speed things along by brandishing pointy sticks. I'm afraid, however, that that would be another way to lose my life as a result of the pointy sticks. There are a lot of men with guns around here. But at least it would be fun and not boring.
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