Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Covetting Koigu KPPPM

I need a skein of Koigu! Well, I need another skein of Koigu. I have one beautiful skein in a dusty pink and blue colorway. I adore and pet it regularly, and covet it. My prrrrecioussss. I am saving it to make something for MMMEEEE!

I made a purse out of Koigu for a very good friend of mine for Christmas. I had two, now I have one. Well, Sarah wants a hat of that yarn for her birthday in May. And I don't wanna give up my only skein.

So, please, all you Chicago knitters. Please tell me where in the area I can get one more skein of Koigu. Make my lifelong friend happy without putting me through the separation from my precious. Where can I buy it? Please don't make me drive down to Indy to get it.
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