Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I try so hard not to be superstitious

I mean, it's illogical right? Superstitions make no sense at all.

What is that one about things coming in threes? Ah, yes. I'd think it has something to do with the three on a match superstition.

I've had a "three" lately, and all related to people of the male persuasion. In the weeks following my mister-ectomy, I had three blast from the pasts from men I used to know or date (or who wanted to date me).

First there was the guy who showed up at the coffee house where my South Suburbs SNB group meets. I went out with the guy briefly several years ago. We keep meeting at strange times, and he usually doesn't recognize me. Our paths should not cross. We have nothing in common. Yet he keeps popping up. Hmm.

There there is the guy who I worked with at a volunteer job. We've made contact.

Lastly, a certain Scoundrel has made contact with me. (Scott X-BF is not a scoundrel, just a jerk. Calling him anything stronger gives him too much credit for effort.) I never want to see or speak to this Scoundrel again. He's a dangerous and nasty person who belongs in a dark pit forever.

Seeing as how I had this strange string of bumping into people from my past in recent history, I thought I'd see if luck would be with me. Last night I purchased my first lottery ticket since 2002. The jackpot was some outrageous amount like $370 million, and so I decided to test the cosmic forces. Needless to say, superstitions and luck do not work in the real world, because I'm off to my very important government job to earn my paycheck.
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