Friday, March 02, 2007


We're having a particularly nasty spring here in Chicago. There's been one late season snowstorm after another, leading to all kinds of travelling problems. Right now, I'm getting ready for the 20 mile drive to my very important government job, and it's started snowing again. Of course, like any Chicagoan I see the snow as a plot crafted to personally inconvenience me.

By March 1, I am usually well into my training for the summer running season. Not this year! I wanted to run last night, but the trails were impassible with melting snow and slush. Instead, I stayed in and worked on socks and they're finally far enough along to show (never mind the leg stubble. remember, I'm single now):

It looks like I'm actually managing the brioche stitch. It was tricky at first, but it turns out to be very easy. I also love the socks in this yarn. Knitpicks Essential is a very fine weight, even for sock yarn. It's also loosely spun and stretchy, so it's making a very nice sock without a lot of bulk.
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