Sunday, March 11, 2007

Aleta, I'm walking

Ah. It's days like this that I really appriciate the way life is getting back to normal for me. It's really too bad that a relationship had to end for me to get back to this place. Today was great. I woke up this morning and walked three miles, and ran one mile later in the afternoon. I'm feeling rested and refreshed. The weather was perfect today. I was a bit sore afterward because of my winter of stoth. But never fear. The Lush Marathon Bar was to the rescue! And now I'll stop blubbering on and get down to knitting business.

One. One Roza's sock. Ah, ah, ah. I finished knitting one Roza's sock today. Scott TC only snipped the yarn twice, once 1/2" from the top and once 1/2" from the bottom. Duncan is helping me model it here.

I also made one side of a chair cushion cover. This will be my official SNB cushion because those seats are hard.
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