Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday update

What have I done all week with my knitting? You'll see.

Green Tea Raglan
I recently stared on the Green Tea Raglan using the Classic Elite Bam Boo from the frogged tank top. This project and the next one are basically embodiments of my desire for spring to come, lightweight garments using airy drapey yarns. The raglan is very slow going, as the entire thing is in seed stitch. However, I'm managed almost 6" up to the waist. This top is coming out way nicer than the last project I made from this yarn, and I totally can't wait to wear it.

I joined the sexy knitters club this week. Don't worry, I'm far from knitting silk panties and posting them here. I signed up just in time for a knit along for the Sahara sweater, a top down number with arabesque detailing on the edges. This should be a quicker knit than the raglan, as most of it is just in stockinette. When I saw the KAL announcement, I recalled a yarn in the depths of my stash that should be perfect. Some time ago I got a real deal on a full bag of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in a beige-y color. I want to do the detailing in a contrasting color with clear beads. So I went stash diving for some other crazy yarn and found several skeins of undyed fingering weight silk throwster yarn in there that I'd like to use. The problem is the color. I dyed a little with blue Kool-Aid this morning. Take a look at the yarns side by side. What do you think? I'm terrible with color matching, so please give me feedback.

Sari Yarn Jacket
Bon Voyage sari yarn jacket! This knit is taking a long holiday. It has not misbehaved, but it's getting frogged and put back into the stash until I work out a better pattern and fall is nearer.

Rock and Weave
I love this sock. I love this sock so much. However, it committed a series of serious crimes. By yesterday afternoon, I had finished the gusset and was able to try it on. The sock was found to have gotten two baggy for my tiny foot and to have a totally messed up heel turn. So I had to rip it all back to the cuff. Normally a knit would have gotten a very harsh sentence for such a heinous crime spree. However, I immediately re-knit it back to its pre-frogged state. If you suspect bribery and official misconduct in the sentencing of this knit, you may be right.
Melon Ball Sock
The melon ball sock is in a holding cell for contempt. The knit is a material witness in the case of the missing stitch, but refuses to talk. It will remain there as long as it continues to conceal the location of said missing stitch. The judge will evaluate the case daily, and the sock will be released and finished immediately when and if the stitch is found.

Roza's Sock
Roza's sock #2 is still only two rows big. I'm only human.

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