Tuesday, March 06, 2007

They're giving a grant for...

At my very important government job, I receive a lot of announcements for grants that some agency or company is giving for whatever they feel is important. Some of them are great, and help the little town I work for fund roadwork and police equipment. Others are merely irrelevant to us because they are for things like helping lobstermen buy safer traps or controlling malaria in Tanzania. The last category of grants announcements I run across are the completely inane:

The Hasbro company is giving grants of $50 - $1,000 for college D&D (that's Dungeons and Dragons) clubs to by new chairs and Doritos. The total amount of the awards will be $20,000.

There is another that funds projects for non-profits to start blogs for use as a fundraising tool. Perhaps I should apply for that one.

And then there was the million dollars the feds were giving out to fund potato research.

Somehow, I think some of this money could go to better use. But perhaps you think you could do a lot of good with some of this money. Perhaps we can work out a deal.
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