Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Knitting movie review

This weekend I watched two movies from my Netflix queue whilst knitting: Borat and A Good Year. Borat came at the recommendation of several (male) friends. Of course, I picked A Good Year because Himself was in it.

My response to Borat is this: I want those two hours of my life back. I was appalled. Yes, I knitted during the two hours the movie was on, but the experience of the movie was so horrifying that I've blocked most of those two hours out, and so they are lost from me. I actually heard an interview with Mr. Cohen on NPR last week that prompted me to put the movie in my queue. I recall the interviewer commenting on how she expected to see an awful lot of poorly done knockoffs from this movie in the marketplace soon. I wonder how she proposes to tell the difference. Perhaps I don't get the humor because I don't have a Y chromosome, but I can't see how the naked scene in the hotel room was in any way entertaining, nor can I see the humor in presenting one's dinner guest with a bag of sh*t. The one mildly amusing thing about the movie was that Sasha Cohen was speaking Hebrew most of the time when he wasn't speaking English. In the name of human decency, don't rent this movie. It will only encourage the making of more crap like it.

A Good Year of course had the benefit of some eye candy. Apart from that, it was an average romantic comedy. It wasn't a great and engrossing movie, which is good because I was splitting my attention between it and the yarn. I'd say it was a good knitting movie.

Apparently, there is a movie called "The Merry Gentleman" that is filming in Chicago this year. Since this blog is attracting a lot of traffic for people who want to know about the movie, I'll try to keep you updated. After all, the movie is getting people to look at my little ole knitting blog.
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