Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New strategies

Stash management

I'm working on a new stash management strategy since the stash took over a drawer in my dresser. The new scheme involves photograph boxes purchased at local craft stores. I just bought three and transferred some of my stash into them. The transfer will take place as I get more of them. Pictured here is the first phase of the implementation. From left to right, we have sock yarn, weird orphan wool, and pink alpaca horde. Additionally, the sari yarn jacket (which really belongs in the sweater holding cell) is in a burlap rice bag. I will also need boxes for crappy wool, silks, sweater holding cell, and jail. Jail is currently in my work in progress basket in my living room. Clearly, a project sentenced to long term imprisonment does not deserve to be mixed in with well behaved knits. These evil creations may contaminate the nicer projects and cause a mutiny.

Dealing with bad guys

I'm thinking of taking a page out of the history books for dealing with bad guys. This page would be something I learned from King Tut, actually. I find learning from him fitting, considering that my greatest childhood ambition was to discover King Tut's tomb. On my trip to the Egypt museum in Cairo back in the day, I saw all King Tut's treasures. And let me tell you, that guy had a lot of stuff. Well, I saw a pair of shoes that the king had. He actually had at least a dozen, more than I have. But the ones pictured here are of special note. On the insoles are pictures of his enemies placed there so the king could walk on his enemies wherever he trod.

With my fair isle skills, I may be able to employ a similar strategy when dealing with bad guys. I could knit the likenesses of people who anger me into the soles of socks, and walk on them with a smile on my face. This could be not only fun, but cathartic.

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