Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The rest of day two: the snorkel challenge

Okay. After the proposal we had a whole day ahead of us, so we drove down to Kona town. The city wraps around a bay and most of the restaurants seem to have balconies with views of the water (and the sunset at the right part of the day). We headed down there for breakfast at one of those restaurants. Basically, we ate and mooned at each other for an hour before carrying on with the day.

The next item of business was getting snorkeling gear and going in the water. E had never been out for snorkeling, so this was going to be an adventure. We got the gear (I had to rent a prescription mask) and headed to a shallow reef that is easy for beginners. He was a little nervous, which is very understandable. Sticking your face in the water and breathing at the same time is an unnatural act. But he was a champ, and in no time we were having fun. Afterward, he declared it his favorite past time.

The rest of the day had a lot to do with dealing with jet lag and tiredness. We lay about a lot, ate dinner, and got to bed early.
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