Friday, September 21, 2007

Regularaly scheduled programming

I'm taking a break from the vacation engagement story to bring you some regularly scheduled knitting programming. I can't guarantee that this won't be interrupted by wedding mishegas.

Well, it already has. I was sort of having a bride "moment" (okay, it was a day) the other day. It wasn't a bad one. Mostly, it had to do with not having any idea what we're doing about a wedding yet. I'll feel better once some things are actually nailed down. You know, little things like when.

In my "moment" I got a hold of Tzurriz. Her solution, of course, was yarn shopping. For therapeutic purposes only. She took me to Nana's Knitting Shop in Oak Lawn. And she is an enabler. Oh, and did you know that this yarn store is in the middle of all the wedding vendors in the southwest suburbs? Yeah.

I bought yarn. I was powerless before the yarn in that condition, but I only bought sock yarn. And now I have to go on a yarn diet. (Stop it. I can hear you sniggering now.)It's Gypsy Girl in Winter Solstice. Sigh. You know, I think I know my problem. I'm not knitting enough. I'm sure I'd be more relaxed if I went back to knitting more.
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