Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day four: feral chickens attack

Sorry it took so long to continue here. Wedding planning, jetlag, and work have stolen my brain.

Could day four really have been half way through the trip? We were having soooo much fun. Especially considering the engagement, it felt like an early honeymoon.

Like I said, we spent the night at an inn near the Volcanoes National Park. Going to that park was one of our priorities, so we stayed nearby and planned to spend the whole day there. However, our huge plans for day four were foiled. But we had fun anyway.

Most of the park is fairly high up in altitude and has very few water or other facilities. Additionally, we were planning a day hike across the lava field to see if lava could be seen entering the ocean. I've done this hike before, and it's a serious one. So I packed for serious hiking and we got in the car and headed over there.

Dun dun dun.

It was not to be. We got up near the park entrance and E turned green. I suppose we'll never know why. Perhaps it was the sudden change of altitude, or the jetlag catching up, or both. Anyway, we made a planned stop for breakfast to see if that would help him. He ordered some bacon and eggs and stuff, but had to pack it up and take it with him. And back down to sea level we went.

Poor guy. He needed to rest, but it was two early for checking into the next place and couldn't go back to last night's accommodations. So I took him to Lava Tree State Park, a nice quiet spot were he could nap on a park bench while I walked around.

The interesting thing about this place is that (guess what?) lava flowed here once. If flowed through the forest and hit trees. When that happened, a pillar of lava formed on the side of the tree facing upstream, with a mold of the burning tree forming on the other side. It's kind of a neat thing to see.
The Amazing E took a nap on a picnic table while I walked around. When I returned, he as being stalked by a half dozen wild chickens. Really. Stray chickens were surrounding my future husband. They looked pretty serious, too.I guess he felt like he had to placate them somehow, so he fed them some of his breakfast bacon. And eggs. Somehow I think that idea is wrong on many levels.

After that, we took a drive to the Puna coast and did some snorkeling. The trees were lovely there, so I'll show you.
By mid-afternoon, we were both beat. So we headed into Hilo, ate early dinner, and went to the hotel and stayed in all night.
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