Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Almost ready...

The time has almost come. I've been there twice before, you know. The Big Island of Hawaii is my favorite place in the whole world, and I'm going there with the love of my life. So excited. Right now I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

The trip will be 10 hours of flying time in each direction. This is plus the layovers. What can I say, I bought the tickets on my frequent flyer account, so direct flights were out. Fortunately, the Amazing E will be in the seat next to me for all but the first and last couple of hours. Despite all his amazingness, I expect to need something to do on the planes. I'm not the greatest flyer. Not that I get scared (have tons of trans-oceanic flying experience). I'm just uncomfortable and bored in that small flying tin can. And I can't sleep.

Of course, knitting will be on the in-flight agenda. I'll bring the Green Tea Raglan, if it's not done. Also, I'm thinking of the Oriel Lace Blouse. With that much knitting time on my hands, I feel like working on larger sized, flexible needles is in the interest of my hands. Also, I will bring E's second Bribery Sock.

The front of the Green Tea Raglan is done up to the raglan decreases. Take a look. Check out where the current needle line is compare to the back. After the front is done, only one sleeve will remain. If my PM doesn't kill me with crazy work, I might still get it done before the plane.
I've also finished packing, for the most part:Does Scott TC want to come with in that bag because he'll miss me, or because he likes to sleep in the sun?
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