Thursday, September 06, 2007


38 hours from now, I am scheduled to be on the airplane. However, what is likely to be in my seat is some shredded bits of myself because I believe I will plotz before then.

I have come here at this time to bitch.

Mind you, this is not the pre-plotz state that I used to get into while I worked at the very stupid government job. That is the good news here. This is induced merely by having too much to do, and not by crisis. I'm just exhausted; I am earning that vacation this week. Yeah, there isn't enough time in the day lately. But that's what vacation is for.

I haven't had time to knit, so I'll not be able to wear the Green Tea Raglan on the plane. Boo. I guess I'll see if I can finish it on the plane.

In other Hawaii related knitting news, I have located a yarn store in Hilo. I will go there and check it out when I need a break from my travelling company.

Since you asked, I will try to update the blog at least once or twice while I'm there. And I'll try to put pictures up.
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