Sunday, September 02, 2007

Is it noodle kugel?

No, it's yarn. Back when , you remember that day when we ransacked The Fold? Well, that day I bought 8 ounces of single ply undyed Icelandic wool. It's a bulky weight, and will be used to make myself a lovely winter ensemble. Hat, mitten, etc. I dyed it today.

It started with three colors of acid dyes. There was some idea in my brain of doing a hand painting thing with a plastic bottle and the dyes. I wanted a rich, purple-y blue with flashes of yellow. It came out like this:
In other words, crappy. Where were my rich colors? Where was my beautiful yarn?

So I mixed up some double strength dye, poured it over the yarn, and popped it in the oven for a half hour. Now my yarn is dyed with TRIPLE STRENGTH! And has the richness of a noodle kugel without the calories.
You'll know me this winter because I'll be the one looking like a Smurf after the first sleet storm.
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