Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New socks

As I have today off between jobs, there's been time to finish the Panda Cotton socks. This yarn is awesome. It's squishy and elastic and knits up fast. These are just stockinette ankles socks knitted top down.

I forgot to tell you about the one tragedy from my weekend with Amazing E. I lost one of my favorite needles at the airport. I knit socks on Knitpicks needles. I've been using their size "1's" to knit just about every sock in my year long sock knitting career. And I lost one. I had to finish the second of these socks on four needles.

So now I have to replace my favorite sock needles fast. You know, before withdrawal sets in. Through a miracle of cosmic coincidences, I will be able to replace them correctly. Did you know that Knitpicks sells two sizes of size 1's? I did not. But the Yarn Harlot did, and she posted about her favorite needles not long ago. Apparently, they have 2.25mm and 2.5mm size 1's. It's a good thing she posted, because I might have ordered the wrong ones. So I emailed Knitpicks over the weekend. I know I've criticised their customer service before, but this time they came through. They looked up my order from a year ago and told me that I own the 2.5mm needles. I can't believe they had the record still! I would have had to find someone with a micrometer to measure the remaining needles for me. Hooray! I'll be ordering the new needle set today.

Moving on, I have started the SNBWB socks. I'm about half way through the first pattern repeat. I'll start posting pictures when there's more to show, and I'll post the pattern when it's done.

For the record, I am doing the sock with the Magic Loop method. Cast on 12 stitches on each needle using a figure 8 cast on. Increase one stitch by knitting into the front and back of the second stitch from the beginning and end of each needle on every other row until there are 30 stitches on each needle.
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