Friday, August 03, 2007


As you know, I'm done, done, done with the very shitty government job. For the record, I left because of stress and poor behavior on the part of certain people there. The municipality I worked for has some real bad problems. Like existential problems. And it leads to a lot of stress in the workplace, which in turn leads to some really crumby behavior being tolerated. Well, it's tolerated by some. Not by me.

I've moved on to a consulting job at a giant corporate entity. Like one of the huge and hated ones, but then again, I survived working a year for big tobacco. So I should survive this well. My job is to rework several hundred pages of highly technical information. The best news is that I can work remotely the vast majority of the time. Aaaannd that allows me to see a bit more of the Amazing E. In fact, I am in DC with him now preparing the Shabbat dinner. I'm planning on being here for the better part of a week, so I brought some of my stash and my current projects. Note to self: Damn, I need to update that OTN list....

Current projects include the Entrelac socks, Precious socks, SNBWB socks, the Oriel Lace Blouse, and finally the Green Tea Raglan.
  • Entrelac socks have been relegated to a very long term project. They are not in jail, but they are on holiday. They need rest. Or perhaps I need rest. They are not an easy knit.
  • Those two skeins of Koigu E lead me two last week are being turned into Sock Pixie's Cornucopia socks. I've got the cuff of the first one squared away. I'm doing them on the remaining 4 of my favorite Knitpicks needles. I placed an order for a new set the other day, along with a set of size 0's for an upcoming project, and a copy of Vogue Knitting Stitchionary 2: Cables. (In case you don't know, Knitpicks is having a fine summer book sale now. Check it out.)
  • SNBWB socks ran into a snag. Near the end of the first pattern repeat, I did something really weird with the yarn. I can't even begin to describe what happened. At the same time, I noticed a big mistake with the cable I intended to put on the edge. I'm going to have to rip out about an inch of progress. So that sucker's in jail. I'm quite amazed. Nothing but the Crapotee has been in jail for a long time.
  • The Oriel Lace Blouse sleeves are coming along slowly. Painfully slowly. This project as well as the Green Tea Raglan have been neglected lately in favor of a flurry of passion for sock knitting. I'm certain my infatuation will soon subside and I will give these worthy projects the attention they deserve.
Some of you have been asking questions. I have answers.

In reference to my recent purchase of Sock Pixie yarn, Nadia asked:

Very pretty color. Do you have a pattern in mind yet?

Yes, Eunny Jang has a beautiful free pattern on her blog for some fancy cabled socks that I think this yarn is perfect for. They're called Bayeriche socks. I love them, and they are what I bought the size 0's for.
Knifty Red asked about the Panda Cotton yarn:

Awesome socks!! I think I have the same yarn in my they keep your feet cooler because of the cotton?

I wore them yesterday for the first time. The combination of cotton and bamboo makes them fantastic summer socks. My feet were cool, dry, and fresh after a day at work followed by an 11 hour drive to DC. I will definitely buy that yarn again.

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