Monday, August 06, 2007


I've just finished up work for today. This is a beautiful thing. I sat and accomplished what I was supposed to without strange interruptions having to do with terror of bulldozers or screaming bosses. It is also a beautiful thing because I feel able to eat after eight hours of work. Lastly, the Amazing E is due back in one hour. Yes, remote working has its advantages.

Presently I am watching a Star Trek: Voyager rerun on Spike TV, and working on the Precious Socks. The selection of the Cornucopia pattern is probably throwing a bit too much complexity into the whole shebang, as the yarn is dark purple, blue, brown, and magenta. The stitch pattern in showing up certainly, but not well. Dark colors. Oh well. They will be nice, and they will be precious to me... Ehem. I am 3" into the sock. Tonight I will try to post a photo.

I made two possible lapses in judgement this weekend. The first was the selection of a movie to watch with E. We watched Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Oy. I have known since I met him that E does a eerily accurate voice impression of Gollum. In the past, I've heard him whisper a line or two of if when I talked about my Koigu yarn to him. And I forbade him to every use the voice around me again. He did not comply. After hearing it is it's full glory (or repulsiveness as the case may be) I'm quite certain that he must have spent a great deal of time and effort perfecting this voice. At least I hope he did, because the possibility of E having a natural ability for it is too much for me to bear. At any rate, we watched this movie whilst I knitted with Koigu yarn and was subjected to him speaking about the yarn in his Gollum voice, turning all of Gollum's lines about his precious into comments about my precious. I believe I had nightmares that night.

That first lapse in judgement was a pretty serious one. The other was not so bad. I introduced the Amazing E to Lush goods. You see, he actually was introduced to this company's products at my home two weeks ago and expressed satisfaction. So I brought with me this weekend some soap and other things. I think I've created a monster.

Oh, and thanks to not working in the far northern reaches, I may actually end up knitting socks on Wednesday in Tinley Park. Shocking.
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