Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scenic lookout

Yes, I missed SNB again. With the new job, I hope to reform soon. I was knitting in DC and thinking of all of you. Well, some of the time. ;)

During my 4 1/2 days in DC, I worked on some socks. The Cornucopia socks in Koigu KPPPM progressed by about 2". And I worked on your socks.
See. I told you I thought of you. Methinks I like purple socks.

This photo was taken at a "Scenic Lookout" near Frederick, Maryland. I passed through here this morning on my drive from DC to Chicago. (For the record, it is an 11 hour drive.) This is the site of the Battle of Monocacy. It was "The Battle that Saved Washington," even if it was a Confederate victory. I have to say that I really like Maryland and the DC area in general. It really appeals to the historian and archaeologist that still lurks inside of me.
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