Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend update

You guessed it. Once again I am in the very important government city with the Amazing E. I am pleased to report several developments.

First, the first Bribery sock is finished. No camera is available to me now, so I cannot post a picture. It is very lovely and precious to me. There is a small ball of yarn left over. What will I ever do with the little balls of sock yarn? They take up space, you know.

Also, you didn't know about the firefly sock. I cast on a fast stress relief sock last week, and it's down to the beginning of the heel flap. All the other projects on the needles right now are pretty complicated, so I needed something quick and easy to work on when I am feeling braindead or on an airplane. It's made of the Trekking ProNatura and has little "firefly" twists in it. You'll see.

I have done about 10 rows of the Bayerische socks. Those are slow going. The yarn is thin, they are finely detailed, and they are on size 0's.

One last update. This weekend was all about meeting the Amazing E's Mom-E and Dad-E. Yes, it was meet the parents weekend. They are lovely people, and I liked them. I know they read this blog, so "hi!"
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