Sunday, August 12, 2007

Laying about

Today has been a much needed day of laying about the house. It's been weeks, or perhaps months since I had a day of guiltless laying about my house. Yesterday also involved a great deal of laying about the house. Usually, I at least have a little urgency to do something productive on a Sunday, whether it's housework or homework. But this week I decided to let the housework go, and thanks to misreading my class syllabus I am a week ahead on assignments. So today I lay about and knitted.

When I posted this morning, I had just turned the heel on this sock. I cannot stop working on it. After all, it is made of my preciousss...
This picture is was not easy to take. One, it ain't easy to get snaps of your own feet. I'm afraid that I still haven't figured how to get a good picture of the spiral pattern on this sock. But they are coming out nicely. I'm getting about 9.25 stitches to the inch on my size 1.5's. It's a tight gauge, but Koigu blooms and stretches a lot in blocking, so I want them to be tight now. And they're so soft and warm. They'll be even nicer after they're washed. The second difficult thing about this picture is my camera. I can't get more than one picture out of it before the batteries die and I have to plug it back in. That's what the problem has been. Crappy (non) rechargeable batteries.

Oh, and in my laying about I never got to work on the Green Tea Raglan. I kept getting distracted by the precious. So soft....So beautiful....

Speaking of laying about...there one one lady not laying about this weekend. It's Aleta of Froebe Fibers fame. She did the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk this weekend. Great job Aleta! You've done a fantastic job of moving us toward the cure.
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