Monday, August 27, 2007

The 100 stitch sock

Well, it's only the 96 stitch sock, but I don't think the missing four stitches matter. This is the beginning of the Bayerische socks. The yarn is SockPixie. It's a challenging patter, and I only get about 1 row done at a time before I have to put it down. The upside is that I'm learning to cable without a cable needle. I hope this doesn't end up in jail too much.

Guess what else. Guess. The Green Tea Raglan is motoring along again. I suddenly seized it from its home last night and started work on the front.
It would be nice if I got that done in time for vacation. I'm leaving in less than two weeks!

Gah! Camera malfunction! I guess you'll not see the pictures of the Bribery sock and the Firefly sock for now. Speaking of camera, check out my new link on the bar to the right. It's the photography web site of my sister Peggy. There's even a photo my my beautiful sister Eileen in there.
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