Sunday, June 10, 2007

World Wide Knit in Public Day 2007

I'm trying to rest, but an opportunity to socialize came up this weekend, and I took it. The SNBWB kids joined almost 60 other knitters yesterday in Chicago's Millennium Park for an afternoon of knitting for all to see. I'm told that about 60 knitters showed up for the event, including seven ladies from SNBWB and and good ole Knifty Red. It was good. There were several SnB groups there, as well as some independent knitters. Socks were a very popular project, of course. I spent my time granting the Scottish-ish socks their identity. More on that will be in the next post.

Here's a snap of the group by Miss Luscious Luka. Gotta love Nadia's hat. And for the record, I did see Miss Luscious in the sun.

The reactions of passersby was hilarious. Several people stopped to ask what on earth good be going on, as they'd never seen so many people knitting at once. There was one man whose intention was clearly to flirt, and he asked all kinds of questions about what we were doing and pretended to be interested. Then there was the incredulous woman. She was hilarious. She stopped to ask what on earth was going on, and seemed almost offended to see women knitting in public. This telling doesn't do it justice, but Melissa's reaction after the woman walked off was, "Stitch this, bitch!" It was so good it needs to me memorialized here.

After the stitching in the sun, the groups went to Loopy Yarns on south State for a little stash expansion. I bought this:

It's Crystal Palace Yarn's Panda Cotton in the Fall Herbs colorway. I'd not seen this yarn before. It's made of bamboo, cotton, and elastic so would presumably make very nice summer socks. It'll be cast on as soon as I finish the second traif Jaywalker.
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