Monday, June 04, 2007

A decided lack of b*tching

As I've not really been to SnB that much in the last several weeks, there is some bitching built up inside of me and I need to take care of it right here. This is not the whining that I was doing last week over my tiredness and tummy aches. That is a shameful phenomenon that comes directly out of feeling sorry for myself. What I'm talking about is a full on kvetch. For the record, I consider the kvetch to be a positive mental health exercise. It can be accomplished while maintaining a good mood, and comes from some deep seated urge in my Jewish soul.

For one, those freakin undead tree sucking bugs are putting me right out of my head. They're loud. Real loud. Like "I-believe-it-when-the-news-says-they-make-a-100-decibel-sound" loud. Yesterday there was one in the tree that I wanted to hunt down and blow up. It was in my tree; the tree that grows outside my window that I consider my own personal friend. That creature was in there disturbing me and my friend making a sound like a banshee crossed with a fighting cat. And it was right there outside my window doing it.

I say to these creatures, "Dude, I know you only get laid every seventeen years. I know how you feel. But this amount of carrying on is nuts."

Oh, and those Scottish-ish socks are bitches.

That is all.
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