Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just in time

Scottish-ish socks are done just in time for the Highland Games. I will post a photo later of me wearing them at said festivities. They come up to my upper calves. Seeing as how it will be in excess of 90 degrees today (fine Scottish weather to be sure), I will only put them on for the actually throwing of the haggis. Sort of a good luck charm.

Remember I went through all the difficulty of winding and re-winding the STR into a precisely equal double pull ball so I could get every inch out of that skein? Well, here is what was left over:

So this morning I am working on fueling myself for the athletics, having a breakfast fit for a (Jewish) warrior. Cinnamon rugelach and coffee compliments of the Amazing E. Apparently my recent unwanted weight loss coupled with the fact I've never been to New York City inspired him to send me a basket of specialties from Zabar's. Yum.

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