Friday, June 22, 2007

Don't know much

I know. I've been bad. I haven't been posting much, and I haven't been knitting much. A lot has been going on.

First of all, last week I had a lively trip to the emergency room when insidious acted up pretty badly. Luckily, the Froebe Fibers ladies came swooped in to save me. Never fear, it was "only" dehydration and I was all fixed up in a few hours. Then there was a really shitty incident at work. I've been tired and having a hard time concentrating. So no blogging.

In knitting news, I have competed three pattern repeats on the front of the Oriel Lace Blouse. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get pictures uploaded now, so you'll not see it.

Lastly, I am trying very hard to put myself into a harmonious frame of mind. The very important government job has been very stupid and stressful this week, and I was already totally not in the mood for stupidity. I have to get chilled out, because I will be landing in DC to visit the Amazing E in 26 hours. Please send good weather thoughts toward the big busy airport for the next 24 hours or so. It's supposed to storm, and I really want to get out on time.
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