Sunday, June 03, 2007

Knitting (and other) news

I've been doing quite a bit less knitting than average the last couple of weeks. I've been...distracted. But I have been working on three projects.
The second traif Tofutsies Jaywalker is almost down to the heel flap. The work is redundant of work I did earlier on the other sock, so I won't bore you with the details. I'm also working on the second sleeve and the front of the Green Tea Raglan. That, too, is boring and redundant.

The most dramatic news for today is the updates on two jailbirds -
The Scottish-ish socks were sentenced today without trial. They're only about 3" from being done, and not Scottish yet (being without their thistles and tassels). But they did something awful last night and were incarcerated this morning. Take a look at why: Look close. That's a purl row in the middle of the sock. Something went wrong while redistributing the stitches 90 degrees so I could work on the thistle motif. The socks will remain in jail until the judge gets the guts to rip that row out and properly split up the stitches.

As for the other jailbird, I am still receiving calls and emails from law enforcement and the press all confirming that The Scoundrel was indeed arrested while crossing the boarder back into the US. Those of us interested in the case still would like to hear about the arrest. For those of you not directly involved, there are droves of people involved in the case who are reading this blog. In fact, that's where most of my readership is coming from right now. Two of the women are even knitters.

Lastly, for better or worse I have that "I've got to finish something" fever right now. I'm speeding along trying to get something done, and rather dissatisfied with the lack of a done project. In my need to create something and at the suggestion of a certain very important government employee, I made homemade chicken soup today. Yummy. I like this photo because you can see the steam dramatically rising from the bowl.

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