Thursday, June 14, 2007

I will be the master of my knits!

This is the last time that I'm casting this f*cker on!

This is the third time I cast the Oriel Lace Blouse on today. The yarn is no-name pink alpaca horde. I cannot say anything else about this knit except that it better behave, or its no even going to jail. It will be executed at dawn, going into the annals of totally failed projects.

I am not the Zen master of yarns that the Yarn Harlot or even Knitterary is, but I am the kung-fu master of my knits. I fight and conquer rather than achieving some state of consciousness higher than yarns are capable of. To prove I am still worth of my title, here is a photo of Entrelac socks at only 5 days old. It's mate is the same size.

(Cat noises and waving of karate chop hands)
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