Sunday, June 01, 2008

Yummy yummy

So this weekend was pretty busy. We got our wedding album from my sister Peggy and our Ketubah from the framer. We went to a strawberry field and picked some. I finished the socks for my Hand Dyed Sock Swap on Ravelry. E got a new video game. And I dyed some brand new yarn.

The album is very nice. Peg has a masters of fine arts in photography and took the photos at our wedding. After some snafus with the printer (not her fault at all), we've received the book. She got some very nice candid shots, and the posed photos are very nice. Looking at was was a great way to spend the half anniversary of our wedding today.

A ketubah is a Jewish wedding contract. This document has developed into a unique art form with calligraphy and illumination. Ours was the one designed by the Reform cantors organization. Also a nice thing to have up on our wall today.

Have you ever been to pick your own fruit at one of those orchards? They have lots in Michigan. I think it's a great business plan. Plan the fruits with labor you pay, but get your customers to pay you to harvest the crop. Genius. Anyway, we picked a couple of pounds of strawberries this afternoon.Wow. Holy cow. These berries made me realize what modern engineering does to food. You know those gigantic, partially hollow, fibrous strawberries we get in the store for the last umpteen years? Yeah. These aren't them. I'd forgotten how good strawberries can be. These were all less than an inch across, sweet, juicy, and melted in our mouths. We ate strawberry shortcake for dinner tonight. And nothing else.

Also taking a great deal of time this weekend was E's new video game. It must have had something to do with Conan the barbarian, because E spent the weekend flexing his muscles at me and speaking in what he thinks is an Austrian accent.

In the mean time, I dyed a whole lotta yarn today. This is my newest creation. It's 100% superwash Blue Face Leicester. (That's pronounced "Lester") sock yarn. BFL is super-premium sock yarn. Seriously. It's very shiny and round and has a hand like silk. I did small batches of five colorways today to start things out. I'm truly in love with this yarn and may have to buy some out of my stock for Summer of Socks. Yummy pictures will come up on the store when it stops thunderstorming for 20 minutes or so.
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