Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer of Working My Butt Off

One might think that since my vocation is currently "homemaker," that I'd be enjoying a leisurely summer. Not so. This past week has been a case in point.

Last Monday, E went to work to learn that a friend of his at work had passed away over the weekend. She'd been fighting cancer for some time, and had become very ill in the past few weeks. So Monday was entirely dedicated to attending the funeral and making condolence calls. E and his coworkers are certainly still grieving and adjusting to her passing.

Tuesday and Wednesday were dedicated to writing the final paper for my Knowledge Management class and dyeing Green Sand Beach yarn. The class was easy for me, but time consuming. Travel to Chicago early Thursday morning to attend class that evening, plus a visit with Tzurriz's clan occupied that day. Friday was about traveling home, having a much needed nap, and cleaning up the pigsty preparing the house for Shabbat. Saturday was actually had a nice quiet Sabbath for the first time in two months. Today I've been working on my final for another class and knitting.


Yes, I've been doing quite a bit. I've been knitting while waiting in line for things. And knitting on airplanes. And knitting with Tzurriz. And knitting when I get a chance to sit down and rest. All of this knitting has produced my first complete pair of socks for Summer of Socks 2008.

This is a plain stockinette sock done magic loop style on size 1 needles. The yarn is Green Sand Beach from Rock Creek Yarn.
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