Sunday, June 22, 2008

Extreme Knitting Kung Fu

Knitting is at its best when it becomes a sport.

Whew. I didn't know if I'd make it. The haggis hurl was at 4pm. At 3pm, toe decreases weren't even started yet. That's how the Highland Games became a sports double header.

First was the knitting timed trial. La Petite Tricoteuse worked on the toe of one sock while I grafted the other shut. Then she gave it back to me for more speed knitting and grafting. The tag team effort resulted in the second edition of haggis throwing socks. Just. In. Time. Thanks, Jen.

After the triumphant sock finishing dance, we marched over to the athletics field for the big event. From atop that barrel I threw the haggis 35 feet, 2 inches. Yes, I had to touch it. No, I did not taste it. This was not the winning throw, but it was respectable. Yay! Coming back to Chicago is always so much fun.

Everyone pretend I'm wearing a hat in these pictures. I couldn't get my scarf to stay on.
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