Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In which I blog remotely

Scott, Duncan, and I are coming to you just now from the hallway. We dashed out here with the computer and without my spectacles when a message that a tornado touched down nearby came over the television.

Ugh. I'd intended to go to knitting tonight, but the weather is downright crumby. A line of storms passed through here just now, and another is due later. I'm used to that, being from the Midwest. The thing I'm not used to is that there is no siren system to warn me. Is it just a Chicago thing that sirens go off if there's a tornado? There's no such thing here. Apparently there's another storm front due later this evening that is pretty bad. So I'm staying in with my home activities.

I guess while I'm home I should work on my paper. I have a paper due this week on American Jewish denominations. It's interesting, but I don't want to write a paper today. (Talk about a fine Jewish whine. WAAAHHH!)
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