Monday, June 09, 2008

My heinous knits and their crimes

You'd think that with all the dyeing posting going on around here that I'd given up knitting. Not so!

But I've run into a problem. I am at the point at which I hate all my knits. Do not tsk! tsk! at me. We all know it happens. All the knits on all my needles have committed crimes, been jailed, and have not served their sentences. Observe:

Knit #1
Pattern: Cobweb
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace
Case History: The yarn for this pattern was purchased back in April on a trip to Chicago. The project was only about 1000 yards. Certainly it could be done in only a few weeks and be used in the springtime.
Crime: Being written in such a way that the knitter must knit a section under one interpretation of the text, measure and examine the product of her labor, and likely rip it back to try the other possible way of reading the pattern. More time has been spend reknitting than making actual progress.

Knit #2
Pattern: Hadera
Yarn: Bearfoot Mountain Colors
Case History: This pair of socks was started in a state of distraction on the day before my wedding, and has never been finished. On sock is entirely done. They other is barely started.
Crime: Un-memorizability of the pattern repeat. Yes, it's only four rows, but I can't memorize it. It's like it has some Harry Potterish spell on it that keeps me having to read the pattern for every stitch.

Knit #3
Pattern: Mine own
Yarn: Schaefer Yarn Anne
Case History: These are to be this year's Haggis Throwing Socks.
Crime: No being sexy anymore. I've been working on these socks and nothing else. I'm not done, and I have less than two weeks to go until they're to be worn.

Knit #4
Pattern: Bayerische socks
Yarn: Sock Pixie merino sock yarn
Case History: These socks have been on the needles for nearly a year.
Crime: Being almost 100 stitches around and heavily cabled. They're beautiful. They're charming. They're 96 stitches around on size 0 needles. I guess I knew from the start that they'd be the red headed stepchild of the bunch. We can show them some leniency.

Knit #5
Pattern: Oriel Lace Blouse
Yarn: Pink Alpaca Horde
Case History: This is another year long knit. But all I have left is the back to do.
Crime: Being slow going. So much so that it gets left in the dust.

Knit #6
Pattern: Clapotis
Yarn: Crazy Kool Ade Silk
Case History: Shall not be uttered in polite company.
Crime: Being a Crap-o-tee.

Please note the Rheingold Wrap is not listed here. It is a fine knit that has been on a long deserved holiday.

Must. Work. On. Knits.

Must. Resist. Casting. On.
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