Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crazy Yarn Friday

The Amazing E and I were in Chicago for the weekend. Thursday was the typical yucky thing where I flew in at the crack arse of dawn, hung out during the day trying not to fall asleep, and then went to class in downtown Chicago at night. Saturday was haggis throwing. We'll talk more about that later. But Friday. Friday was crazy yarn day.

Friday I headed over to Nana's Knitting Shop in Oak Lawn for their Thursday afternoon sit and knit with E in tow. Don't worry. He was rescued by another man after he met the Harlot. (What, the Yarn Harlot?) Yep. Stephanie and Franklin both showed up at Nana's in the afternoon for knitting. Here's the picture E took of me memorized by the speed knitting. Yeah. I'll be damned if I can figure that out.
I felt like such a starstruck dork all day. If politicians count as people, I've met other famous people while working at the Very Important Government Job and also at political rallies without losing my cool. Yeah, but not with Stephanie. Perhaps the difference is that I respect her work and think she's a nice person.

Later in the evening I went to the talk and book signing. I got stupid again. When Stephanie signed my book, I could barely spell my own name for her. I did manage to rather inarticulately give her a present of yarn at the table. I thank Jason for immortalizing the moment.
Man, I saw a lot of old friends there. A couple of the girls from SNBWB showed up. The lady who altered my wedding dress also grabbed me in the book buying line to say hi. And then there was the reunion with all the Tinley Park gang. Jason took this picture too.
Don't tell E, but to top off the crazy yarn day, I bought yarn or other knitting paraphernalia no less than three separate times. Including yarn for the Windmill Beret insanity that swept through the store. Shh.
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