Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why am I here?

It's time to uncork some fine Jewish whine.

Why am I at work right now? My boyfriend is right, I am a knucklehead. There is an inflammation in my labyrinth. I didn't know that I even had one, but it's making me miserable. The only thing that would be worse is if I heard David Bowie singing in my messed up ear, rather than the ringing that I'm currently enjoying.

The human resources director had to drive me to my very important government job this morning, because I was certain that I had some very important government work to get done. AND COULDN'T WAIT! So now I am here, finding myself completely incapable of doing my very important government work. I can't seem to wrap up with a nice bow why the town I work for so desperately needs a sidewalk along a busy street that fronts most of the towns commercial and retail property.

Why did I come here today? I mean, I've gotten some of it done, but I can't tell how much, or how good the work is. I think soon I will go home.
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