Sunday, January 21, 2007

Homage to Mass Ave Knit Shop

I'm coming to you this morning from Indianapolis where I've been gathering intellegence about local yarn shops. Yesterday afternoon, I payed a visit to Mass Ave Knit Shop, which strangely is not on Massechuesetts Avenue, but on Virginia Avenue. Girls, this place is huge, has all the good yarn including Debbie Bliss, Malabrigio, Rowan, Sockatta, and Koigu. Their normal prices are about 15% lower than for the same yarn in Chicago area stores. Several neat yarns were also on sale 40 or 50% off.

I got some sale yarn. Two hanks of a sari ribbon and a skien of thick and thin South American wool:

And then I walked into the sale room. This room cannot be described, but I had to be pried out by Scott before I spent $150.00 that I didn't have on a couple dozen balls of wonderous yarn.

To the girls at the South Suburbs SNB (and any who are interested from the West Burbs group), you have to make a road trip. I am down here every other weekend. Let me know when!

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