Monday, January 29, 2007

Scott vs. Scott

I would like to clarify something. There are two Scotts in my life. They are both pictured above. Look carefully. The Scott on the left is my boyfriend, Scott. The Scott on the right is Scott my cat.

They have some similarities:
  1. They are both Scott
  2. They both have blue eyes
  3. Both Scotts are strangely bald, yet fuzzy
  4. I am very fond of them both
  5. Neither Scott is actually a Scot
  6. Scott and Scott become hypnotized by watching my knitting needles
  7. Both Scotts have the attention span of the average cat

I can see how some people might be confused. However, there are several important differences. I knew Scott the Cat (TC) two years before I knew Scott the Boyfriend (BF). Scott BF is a doctor. Scott TC looks like a Jewish Vulcan, but is actually a Cornish Rex cat. Scott BF helps crazy people. Scott TC makes people crazy. Scott TC is as dumb as dirt. Scott BF is smarter than the average bear. I almost never have to tell Scott BF to get off the refrigerator or to stop eating my yarn.

I hope this helps.

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