Monday, January 29, 2007

An interesting day

Today has been filled with strangeness and discovery. For example, I have learned:
  • The magic of the html paragraph and the flickr account
  • you can get information on the number of daily number of trucks that use state and county roads from a neat GIS application on IDOT's website.
  • Saying "That's my job" to some diffucult people at work actually gets them to do some things for me.
  • I possess a personality trait that makes me both "lovable" and "a knucklehead"

As for strangeness:

  • I am walking on a tilt all the time and can't drive. (Yes, Scott, I am going to the doctor this afternoon and not driving home.)
  • The snow outside my office window is blowing up and around, but not down.
  • Truck usage information for Foster Avenue is not available on line, but it is for 3rd Avenue in Bensenville.
  • I cannot spell with vertigo, nor can I look at anything that requires careful examination
  • My new red socks are a little too small
  • Mentioning that I have learned how to use the paragraph in html into this blog is proving to be very difficult.
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