Friday, November 16, 2007

Somebody loves me

These are the prettiest chocolates I've ever seen.You see, tomorrow is my 31st birthday. I don't mind saying it. I'm wearing my thirty-dom as a badge of honor. The Amazing E's parents sent me these chocolates as a gift. According to the card, they believe that I need endorphins right now. They might be right.

I've eaten some of them. A few. Not too many. Really. I expect that the two dozen chocolates will at least last until Sunday. They're in great flavors as well. The Black Pepper was especially yummy, and the Chipotle was unexpectedly hot and exciting. Thanks Mom E and Dad E!

The Amazing E's gift came a week ago. He's sending me to a spa for half a day the week before the wedding.

And as promised, these are the finished Bribery socks. I guess the bribe worked.
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