Monday, November 26, 2007

Good days

I've been so busy the last couple of days that I haven't knit much.

Yesterday, Tzurriz and her mom threw me a bridal shower. It was great. I'm so touched. A bunch of the knitting buddies came, as well as my mother, Tzurriz's sister, and some ladies who have been my friends for, oh, 15-25 years. Pictures can be seen here.

I got some great loot. Lots of stuff from the registries that we need, and some very thoughtful and creative gifts. The hostesses also came up with some fun games, and there was super food. For the record, I broke one ribbon. I'm sure E will be happy to hear that.

Today was a good and busy day. It started with going downtown to the spa to take advantage of E's birthday gift. I got a massage, facial, and a no polish manicure. It was all great. I feel very relaxed, if sore from the massage. Thanks, E. After the spa, I met with the catering manager, talked to the florist, picked up my dress and ketubah, and finished up with the backer. It was a long day. Sigh. I'm glad I'm home. The programs are written and ready to print, too.

Now I'll get back to knitting.
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