Saturday, February 24, 2007

SNB South Suburbs yarn trip

Kris from the South Suburbs group drove Becca, Aleta, Theresa, and I to The Fold, a fiber store up in Marengo. It was a super trip, over an hour and a half from my place, but well worth it for a group outing.

The place has a super duper selection of yarn. It's not so much the popular yarns, but really nice ones. Lots of exotic fibers, including the $70 buffalo yarn and tuns of silks and unusual wools. They're the only (semi) local place that carries Blue Moon Fibers. There were plenty of stashable yarns that could be kept only for petting.

The Fold also carries all kinds of supplies for spinning, which after being to the store and watching Kris, I'm thinking of taking up. I know I would make that weirdest monstrosities of glittery, shiny, and yak-y traif fibers*. I'll have to think about it before our next trip.

I was the wimpiest most restrained in the group, only buying yarn for two pair of socks. One is Socks that Rock in Jewel of the Nile. The other is a superwash/bamboo number that I'm looking forward to use in the summertime.

Maybe the coolest thing is that Froebe Fibers may have made its first connection to a distributor.

Super day.

*Traif is something that is not Kosher, or fit for Jews to use or eat.
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