Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Move over, Ed.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I have to break the news. I have decided to end my long standing Hollywood crush on Edward Norton in favor the new object of my desire, Russell Crowe. I'm sure Ed will be crushed when he hears the news. The reason for my change of heart it this photograph:

Aw... Because of my conscious avoidance of popular culture, I am perhaps the last knitter to have heard the rumor that Russell Crowe knits. I have also read that it's just that, a rumor. I am a bit in credulous, as in this picture, the man looks quite perplexed by the knitting needles and yarn he's holding. However, the possibility is enough for my fickle imaginary affections to change.

Perhaps you didn't know this about me. I harbor (formerly) secret and embarrassing crushes on actors. These crushes are much of the basis of selection for the movies I view. Scott BF seems to find this phenomenon mildly amusing, and is secure enough in my genuine love for him to let me indulge.

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