Thursday, February 15, 2007

A crime has been committed

The secretary here at the village hall where I work got an interesting call yesterday from a resident who wanted to report a crime.

The secretary answered the phone, "Village Hall, this is Jennifer."

"I want to talk to the head man." Demanded the resident.

"He's in a meeting right now. May I take a message?"

The resident wanted to talk to the Head Man to report that her washer and dryer had been stolen. Apparently, the woman's neighbors, who also "watch" her had sneaked into her house and stolen her washer and drier. Well, it turned out that they'd not only stolen the washer and dryer, but replaced it with old and crappy appliances.

She was quite angry because the police had been to her house, and she had not received satisfactory results. The drama of the unfolding story was heightened at this point because the meeting the "Head Man" let out, and he and the Police Chief, a cheerful man no more than five feet tall, walked into the office.

The Chief told us that he and his officers had responded to a call by the resident already.

"Yeah," said the Chief "I looked at the washer and dryer. Whoever replaced the washer and dryer also connected all the hoses and electricity. They even reconnected the cobwebs."

The secretary told the resident that the police had already checked out the situation and found no evidence that a crime had been committed. The resident became irate, shouting and cursing at the secretary.

"He (the Chief) is afraid of them (the neighbors), too. Because he's short."

To this the Chief replied to the secretary, "No, I had the tall men with me, and I have a gun."
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