Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It does in fact beat sh*t!

I have to give a plug to Subaru here. I bought a Subaru Baha this last fall to replace my ailing old Audi. I've gotten a lot of razzing about this car/truck. When my lifelong friend Sarah saw it the first time she said, "It's an El Camino! Mary Bridget, you are so teased. For ten years you are teased." My grandpa calls it (behind my back) a moon buggy. I have been very happy with it since the purchase, but now I'm just delighted.

The snowstorm here in Chicago this week has been pretty bad. Usually, Chicagoans would simply give the bird to eight inches of snow and then go on our collective way, but not this time. This eight inches have been accompanied by 20-30 mph winds and cold temperatures. So the snow is drifting and blowing back on the road as fast as it can be cleared.

I was kvetching to one of my co-workers about the snow the other day, and she said her husband, a stay-at-home dad, had called and told her about how bad the roads were. My response was that I have a dune buggy with all wheel drive, and that I should be fine for driving home. She said that her husband's SUV has that, and he said "It doesn't beat sh*t." Well, I drove home last night in that nastiness, and at times was one of the only cars that could pass on some roads. I drove very carefully, and never once felt that the car was going out of control.

My Baja does in fact beat sh*t. Thank you, Subaru.

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