Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Finished projects!

This week I finished a number of things. One, I finished one of the red socks and one of Becca's Melon Ball socks. The red sock is Cherry Tree Hill's "Song of Joy" sock, a lacy number made with Knitpicks Gloss and on size 1 needles. The pattern calls for size 2, but I have very small feet, and generally have to go down at least on size to make socks fit me. Becca's sock is also on size 1's, and is just a top down plain stockinette with a rolled cuff and a slip-stitch heel. I will be making Becca another sock out of the yarn, but it will be some sort of lace to show off what the yarn might look like with a more intrecate pattern.
I have also finished the fair isle sleeved sweater, but the picture saved funny. I will post a new one tomorrow.

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