Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blown Out

Have you ever started your former exercise routine at full throttle (or half throttle) after a year of being a bump on a log? I did today and now I can't move. You see, I recently exceeded own You Shall Not Pass mark on the scale and figured that my leisurely life of housework, yarn dying, and eating bon bons by the TV must end. Or at least be changed a bit.

It's not that I'm sore. A half mile of swimming does not really make me sore. But I'm tired. So tired I can barely move to knit, sew up the final sleeve on the Green Tea Raglan, or study my readings for my class in Modern Judaism. The swimming has made me tired and hungry, and wanting to sit and eat up the calories I burned this morning.

I have other news. Sad sad news. I'm afraid I have to figure out how to darn my Maimuţă socks. I've been wearing them fairly regularly for several months until yesterday when I discovered this:Observe the symmetrical holes on the balls of the soles. I really liked these socks. The yarn is soft and pretty, and I like the Monkey pattern. They fit so well. Now I have to decided whether to darn them with a needle (which I don't really know how to do) or Darn! them over a garbage can.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green Tea Raglan

Yeah. It's been over a year. But I had a good excuse. I ran out of the yarn. Fortunately, A Tangled Skein in Hyattsville, MD came through for me and got me two more skeins. I finished just this morning.

But all the pieces of my Green Tea Raglan are done! In looking back on this blog, I find that I started this garment sometime in March of last year. Most of the yarn had been knitted into a tank top that I'd frogged on account of crappiness. To review, I've used almost 12 balls of Classic Elite Bam-Boo and followed the pattern as it was written for the smallest size in Interweave Knits.

Now I just have to sew it up. My teeth are clenched and palms sweaty, friends. I may be a (almost) fearless Kung Fu knitter, but I'm afraid of finishing. I'm not so good at it. I hope it's nice.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my husband's 28th birthday. We met last year shortly after his birthday, so this is the first time I'm celebrating one with him.

For the last two or three weeks, I've been working on some secret knitting. He's been pretty patient about not getting many knitted things from me, but lately he's been hinting (in a demanding way) that he'd like something hand made from me. Here they are. E's Birthday Socks.
These are just plain old stockinette top down socks. It's made of less than one skein of Rock Creek Yarn's sock yarn in a, well, special colorway we'll call Luck O' the Dyepot. Actually, when developing the Cherry Blossom colorway, I had three skeins that went horribly awry. Hoping I could at least get some use of the yarn, I threw them in the pot, added black and purple dye, and stirred. This is the result. It's actually very nice. I have two skeins left if anyone wants to buy them. Contact me through the store.

And happy birthday, Handsome Husband.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring cleaning - as old as the Exodus

It's that time of the year again... time to banish the previous year's weevils from my home.

Every spring for the last zillion years Jews around the world have taken part in this tradition. In case you don't know, Jews are commanded in the Bible to rid our homes of all leavened bread each year before Passover. Then for eight days observant Jews neither eat nor even own any grain products that have been or may be fermented. I've just finished this process. It's pretty thorough and takes a while. Tonight E will double check my work and find the last bits of bread I've hidden in the house and get rid of them for me. This is usually and kid job, but we have no kids yet to do it. (Could this tradition be an ancestor of the Easter egg hunt? Hmm.) Then tomorrow night we will begin the holiday with a seder in our home.

Last night we had our final chemetz (leavened bread meal) before the holiday. I made Chicago style pizza. Actually, I don't feel like I should even point out "Chicago" in the name of the pizza, as I am a pizza snob as well as a yarn snob. East coast "pizza" is... I don't know what. Crackers?

At any rate, I cannot get anything like pizza here. One nearby attempt calls itself "Greek Style Pizza." Ugh. So I make my own when I want a good meal of pizza. This thing of beauty is a deep dish spinach pizza with fresh garlic and red peppers with the sauce of crushed tomatoes on the top. Oh my. I'm missing you all in Chicago. Happy Passover.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here and gone again

Perhaps I'll try to sound cheerful in this post. I shall try. After all, I have new yarn. Tzurriz the Stash Enabler, as you know, went to Nana's in Oak Lawn, IL while I was in town last week. That's the shop that's hosting the Yarn Harlot's visit later in the month. Anyway, I got some decadent Malabrigo lace and started with it right away.

And you heard already of the crisp-ity crunch-ity Noro. Boy am I glad that's going to be a bag and not a sweater.

In other good news, the new silk yarn is on its way from the mill in India. Look around on Rock Creek Yarn for it soon. Or here. Super sexy yarn Pr0n will appear here.

Now that I'm all anesthetized by yarn fumes, I'll tell you what's up. E is on another business trip. He came home on Saturday and left on Sunday afternoon. He was supposed to be home at noontime today, but his boss has asked him to come in this afternoon instead.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Almost home

The plane got in a little late this afternoon.

I'm back in Maryland. My trip to Chicago was really awesome. Sometimes I forget what good friends I have, but I was really reminded over the last few days. I did so much and saw so many people. I'm afraid this post is a laundry list of affection.

I was first greeted by Aleta, who generously picked me up at the airport. Getting to spend the long drive from Midway to Flossmoor conversing with her (mostly about marriage) was fantastic. It's so great to have someone who has so much success being married to talk to sometimes. She and her Mr. let me spend my first night there in comfort. Unfortunately, I can't give some sort of commercial plug to Aleta, who did I mention started things off right for me?, But maybe I can make up with it by mentioning her husband. Jan Stoler is my accountant. He presented me with my tax return upon arrival. I can't say how pleased I am with that. Seriously, if you need someone to do your taxes next year, call Jan. I can't believe what he did for E and me.

After I went to stay at Tzurriz's (and Mr. and baby Tzirriz's) new house. Tzurriz was my hostess for the five days in town. She and the Mr. were the most gracious and welcoming of hosts. Besides seeing them, I got to babysit Miss Miriam the Cute and Beautiful baby. Really. I've been around babies, and for a three and a half month old, she's pretty easy. And they're doting parents. Every minute I spent with her was a joy. And educational. BTW, Tzurriz, can you talk to my husband about the babysitting?

And then there were the kidnappings by the Grand and Sprawling Jager clan. You all know who you are, even if you are not actually a Jager. But for those of you who do not know, this is the best name I can give to a huge group of lifelong friends I have back in Illinois. In all seriousness, I've known at least some of these people for going on 27 years. And I'm 31. Anyway, they grabbed me a couple of nights and we girls all got to catch up. This was especially important seeing as how I am a member rather newly married.

And I saw Grandpa. I love you, Grandpa.

Lastly, the knitting stuff. There had to be knitting stuff.

First and apology to SNBWB. I got kidnapped. Sorry. But I will make a firm and binding appointment with you all after the silk comes in on one of my trips in May or June. We just have to absolutely make it a date. I miss you all. And I have to brag, seeing as how one of you married me to my honey. I haven't had the chance yet.

Second, I got to see the Tinley Park girls. That brought me a deep and yarny satisfaction. Oh yeah.

Finally. Sigh. E will read this. Tzurriz, Miss Miriam, and I went to Nana's in Oak Lawn. I could not resist. There was damage in the forms of three hanks of Malabrigo lace and Noro Kureon. They both have assignments. Malabrigo is already cast on to a Cobweb shrug. The Noro is destined to be the Stained Glass Bag. So it's really not stash for my husband to worry about, is it?

And now I'm in Maryland. I'll really be home on Saturday when E gets home. I'll pick him up even if it is Shabbat. I miss him so much and hope that G-d will forgive me if I drive out to get him.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

My kind of town

I am in Chicago. Actually, I'm in Flossmoor. Oh well. The flight was even on time.

Last night the South Suburbs SnB group got together at Tzurriz's house. It was great fun. They were all gathering on a Saturday night because Tzurriz's MIL is in town. She is a great knitter with a stash I've been hearing legendary stories of for years. One day I hope to have a stash like that; one so big that I don't even remember what I have anymore. Anyway, it was great fun and a bunch of Rock Creek Yarn and Froebe Fibers got sold. And I got to see my friends. It had been way too long.

E is still at his training. He's really enjoying it, and I'm glad it will be over soon. He's learning all about the opportunities and benefits available to him as an officer (and me as an officer's wife). For example, I can apparently go to the USO to hang out while for airplanes. There must be a lounge there. Oh, and the Amazing E has decided that he wants the sword as part of his dress uniform. Yes, our nation's guardians of public health do it while carrying a sword. I find this quite funny, and can only imagine how it will work out in the future. You know, in about 10 years when we have a little boy telling his class "My daddy wears a sword to work. He's a swashbuckling pirate." His first chance will be at his graduation next weekend. If they can find a sword for him in time.

I can't tell you how tickled I am.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finished: Anntrelac socks

I like to call these strawberry shortcake socks:
I think she would have worn them. How about you? (I realize how much of a dork child of the 80's this makes me. And yes, I watched the program.)These are the first socks that I finished for myself since Maimuţă, and those were done when I was still a single lady. I'm going to wear my Shortcake socks today when I go to Georgetown to visit the mikveh.

In other news, I'm going to be visiting Chicago this weekend, and staying until next Thursday. Being here only with the kitties is boring me, and Tzurriz has once again swooped to the rescue. So I'll make it to both of my knitting groups, I think. And I will bring yarn.

The Amazing E seems to be fine. His training is going well, and he's pretty excited about all of it. His graduation is next Friday, and then he's allowed to come home the next day. Of course, he arranged another business trip to begin the day after he's home from training. I can't express to you how I feel about THAT!