Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here and gone again

Perhaps I'll try to sound cheerful in this post. I shall try. After all, I have new yarn. Tzurriz the Stash Enabler, as you know, went to Nana's in Oak Lawn, IL while I was in town last week. That's the shop that's hosting the Yarn Harlot's visit later in the month. Anyway, I got some decadent Malabrigo lace and started with it right away.

And you heard already of the crisp-ity crunch-ity Noro. Boy am I glad that's going to be a bag and not a sweater.

In other good news, the new silk yarn is on its way from the mill in India. Look around on Rock Creek Yarn for it soon. Or here. Super sexy yarn Pr0n will appear here.

Now that I'm all anesthetized by yarn fumes, I'll tell you what's up. E is on another business trip. He came home on Saturday and left on Sunday afternoon. He was supposed to be home at noontime today, but his boss has asked him to come in this afternoon instead.
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