Sunday, April 06, 2008

My kind of town

I am in Chicago. Actually, I'm in Flossmoor. Oh well. The flight was even on time.

Last night the South Suburbs SnB group got together at Tzurriz's house. It was great fun. They were all gathering on a Saturday night because Tzurriz's MIL is in town. She is a great knitter with a stash I've been hearing legendary stories of for years. One day I hope to have a stash like that; one so big that I don't even remember what I have anymore. Anyway, it was great fun and a bunch of Rock Creek Yarn and Froebe Fibers got sold. And I got to see my friends. It had been way too long.

E is still at his training. He's really enjoying it, and I'm glad it will be over soon. He's learning all about the opportunities and benefits available to him as an officer (and me as an officer's wife). For example, I can apparently go to the USO to hang out while for airplanes. There must be a lounge there. Oh, and the Amazing E has decided that he wants the sword as part of his dress uniform. Yes, our nation's guardians of public health do it while carrying a sword. I find this quite funny, and can only imagine how it will work out in the future. You know, in about 10 years when we have a little boy telling his class "My daddy wears a sword to work. He's a swashbuckling pirate." His first chance will be at his graduation next weekend. If they can find a sword for him in time.

I can't tell you how tickled I am.
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